Applied Sciences (Apr 2021)

A Novel Intermittent Jumping Coupled Map Lattice Based on Multiple Chaotic Maps

  • Rong Huang,
  • Fang Han,
  • Xiaojuan Liao,
  • Zhijie Wang,
  • Aihua Dong

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 3797
p. 3797


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Coupled Map Lattice (CML) usually serves as a pseudo-random number generator for encrypting digital images. Based on our analysis, the existing CML-based systems still suffer from problems like limited parameter space and local chaotic behavior. In this paper, we propose a novel intermittent jumping CML system based on multiple chaotic maps. The intermittent jumping mechanism seeks to incorporate the multi-chaos, and to dynamically switch coupling states and coupling relations, varying with spatiotemporal indices. Extensive numerical simulations and comparative studies demonstrate that, compared with the existing CML-based systems, the proposed system has a larger parameter space, better chaotic behavior, and comparable computational complexity. These results highlight the potential of our proposal for deployment into an image cryptosystem.