Data Science Journal (Sep 2014)

Conceptual View Representation of the Brazilian Information System on Antarctic Environmental Research

  • R Zorrilla,
  • M Poltosi,
  • L Gadelha,
  • F Porto,
  • A Moura,
  • A Dalto,
  • H P Lavrado,
  • Y Valentin,
  • M Tenório,
  • E Xavier

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13


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Data generated by environmental research in Antarctica are essential in evaluating how its biodiversity and environment are affected by global-scale changes triggered by ever-increasing human activities. In this work, we describe BrAntIS, the Brazilian Information System on Antarctic Environmental Research, which enables the acquiring, storing, and querying of research data generated by the Brazilian National Institute for Science and Technology on Antarctic Environmental Research. BrAntIS' data model reflects data acquisition and analysis conducted by scientists and organized around field expeditions. We describe future functionalities, such as the use of linked data techniques and support for scientific workflows.