Клиническая и специальная психология (Apr 2018)

Perfectionistic Self-presentation and its Diagnostic Features

  • Zolotareva A.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 1
pp. 104 – 117


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The goal of the study was to supplement the previously described adaptation of the Perfectionistic Self-Presentation Scale by P. Hewitt with clinical materials. In addition to the population sample (747 participants; 324 men and 423 women with a mean age of 28.42 ± 10.44 years), clinical patients with depressive and anxiety disorders (35 participants; 20 men and 15 women with a mean age of 27.45 ± 7.22 years) took part in this study. All participants also completed the Russian-language version of the Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale by P. Hewitt and G. Flett adapted by I.I. Gracheva. The three-factor structure of the scale was confirmed by means of confirmatory factor analysis; its subscales demonstrated means of internal consistency, retest reliability and convergent validity similar to the original scale. It was shown that in a sample of clinical patients there are stronger correlations between perfectionism and perfectionistic self-presentation than in a sample of conditionally healthy participants. In conclusion, it is inferred that the adapted Russian-language version of the scale can be potentially effective in clinical psychology and psychiatry.