Geoconservation Research (Jun 2018)

New Mineral Discovery Geosites: Valuing for Geoconservation Purposes

  • Dmitry Ruban

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 1
pp. 24 – 27


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Discovery of new minerals contributes substantially to geoscience development. Localities where such discoveries have been made appear to be unique, and they deserve recognition as new mineral discovery geological heritage sites (NMD geosites). Valuing the latter is a complex procedure. Generally, it appears sensible to accept that NMD geosites are of national importance by definition. Finding several new minerals in one locality (multi-NMD geosite) increases geosite rank from national to global (examples can be found in northwest Iran and southwest Russia). The 'spirit of novelty' is essential characteristic of NMD geosites, and this helps to attract visitors. Because of permanent changes in the mineralogical knowledge, validity of some minerals can be later disproved. For such cases, the category of historical NMD geosites can be applied. Recognition of NMD geosites is the only first, but important step in their protection from various damages (related to mining and uncontrolled sample collecting).