Hayula: Indonesian Journal of Multidisciplinary Islamic Studies (Feb 2021)

Identity and Leisure Time: Aspiration of Muslim Influencer on Instagram

  • Rezki Putri Nur Aini

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 1
pp. 57 – 80


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This paper analyzes the segmentation of identity and aspirations through the leisure time discourse carried by Indonesian Muslim influencers as a representation of the negotiation efforts of the Muslim middle class society towards the orientation of religious understanding and popular culture within the framework of modernization. The inevitability of differences in religious understanding among these Muslim influencers ultimately influenced them in representing any discourse carried through new media, including leisure time. The neglected issue and case of leisure time becomeone of the determinants of the new style of Muslim identity whentheyexhibited their style deliberately through various social media platforms. This study is important to see the extent of segmentation due to new identities and aspirations through leisure time that these Muslim influencers want to channel massively on social media, especially Instagram. This study was conductedthrough netnographic studies supported by various available relevant literature. The results of the study indicate that there are two major segmentation trends among Muslim influencers today through leisure time discourse on social media, they are committed Muslim influencers and Muslimist influencers, both of themhas different identities and new aspirations in leisure time discourse based on contradiction of mutual religious understanding between them.