Global Journal Al-Thaqafah (2014-12-01)

The Implementation of Islamic Business Practices of Women Traders: A Study in An Islamic State in a Developing Country

  • Ilhaamie Abdul Ghani Azmi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 2
pp. 19 – 30


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The purpose of this article is to share the gaps between the ideals and reality of the implementation of Islamic business practices in Kelantan; a well known Islamic state in Malaysia; especially by the Muslim businesswomen at Siti Khadijah’s market. 27 respondents were interviewed in late August 2013, however; four were disqualified due to the fact that they are only workers and not the owners. To obtain Allah (s.w.t) blessing is their main reason of implementing Islamic business practices as they believe that they will gain Allah’s blessing or barakah in so doing. Islamic business practices can be classified into three phases that are before, during and after the business. The implementation of Islamic business practices is moderate. Using spearman correlation, age is found out to be negative and significant while other variables are not significantly related to the Muslim business women’s achievement.