Open Astronomy (Jun 2012)

The ANS Collaboration Monitoring Program

  • Munari U.,
  • Bacci S.,
  • Baldinelli L.,
  • Castellani F.,
  • Cetrulo G.,
  • Cherini G.,
  • Dallaporta S.,
  • Dallavia G.,
  • Englaro A.,
  • Frigo A.,
  • Graziani M.,
  • Luppi V.,
  • Maitan A.,
  • Marangoni C.,
  • Milani A.,
  • Moretti S.,
  • Moschini F.,
  • Ochner P.,
  • Siviero A.,
  • Righetti G. L.,
  • Tomaselli S.,
  • Tomasoni S.,
  • Vagnozzi A.,
  • Valisa P.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 21, no. 1-2
pp. 13 – 21


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ANS Collaboration is a growing Italian network of small and medium size telescopes performing spectroscopy (low and medium resolution single dispersion, and Echelle high resolution modes) and UBV RCIC CCD photometry of symbiotic stars and novae mainly, but with interest also on other types of objects like optical transients, eclipsing binaries, X-ray source counterparts and on-call follow-up observations of selected targets from some surveys like IPHAS or RAVE. In the present form ANS started operations in 2005, and at the time of writing has logged on symbiotic stars 14602 photometric runs and a rich ensemble of low and high resolution, absolutely fluxed spectra. the paper describes the internal organization, operation modes and procedures, and presents sample data and performance statistics.