Policy Making for Technology Acquisition Application of Fuzzy ANP and Fuzzy DEMATEL (Case Study: Frit Industry of YAZD Province)

Journal of Production and Operations Management. 2015;6(1):79-98


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Journal Title: Journal of Production and Operations Management

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Publisher: University of Isfahan

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habib zareahmadabadi ( )

fatemeh ghasemi ( )


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According to significance of technology and its role in creating competitive advantage, further attention is required to be paid to technology and its relevant affairs. A basic issue of technology management is the technology acquisition and this research tries to find the most appropriate method of acquiring the technology for frit industry in Yazd province. For this purpose, the literature of this industry has been studied while experts have been interviewed in order to identify factors affecting the acquirement of this technology. Afterward, Fuzzy Delphi technique has been used to modify the identified criteria in order to choose the most important factors. In the next step, Fuzzy DEMATEL technique is used to determine the impact of the criteria and the communications between them. Finally, the fuzzy ANP model has been established to choose the most effective method of acquiring technology out of three general methods of cooperation, production and purchase. The research concludes that “cooperation” is the most preferred method. It should be considered that the participatory methods are selected among technology acquisition multiplicity models in which technical knowledge transfers along with technology transfer. This method can prevent future depending to technology provider. Hence, it is important to pay more attention to this issue because the technical knowledge proficiency has prior condition of the optimal use of technology.