Antarctic Record (Mar 1977)

Seasonal Variation in Chemical Composition and the Origin of the Saline Lakes around Syowa Station, Antarctica

  • Jun-ichi HIRABAYASHI,
  • Joyo OSSAKA

Journal volume & issue
no. 58
pp. 93 – 107


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For a period from December 1972 to February 1974, we made researches on the lakes around Syowa Station. The present paper deals with the consideration about chemical compositions of the lakes in Langhovde, Skarvsnes and West Ongul Island, in which the total concentration of salts is more than 10 g/l. Furthermore, from the comparison with the chemical compositions of main lake waters in the Dry Valley area, on the basis of the experimental results by T. G. THOMPSON and K. H. NELSON about the "enrichment process of sea water under frigid condition", we discussed the origin of the chemical components of these lake waters as follows: Chemical compositions of saline lake waters around Syowa Station are similar to those of sea water. Most of these lakes are in the early stage of the "enrichment process of sea water under frigid condition"; whereas saline lakes in the Dry Valley area are in various stages. According to the chemical analysis of surface and layered water of saline lakes in Langhovde and Skarvsnes, seasonal variations are observed that the concentrations of chemical compositions of surface waters decreased in summer due to the inflow of the thawing water and increased in winter due to the sufficient circulation in the lake.