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Journal Title: Вестник Московского государственного областного университета

ISSN: 2224-0209 (Online)

Publisher: Moscow Region State University Editorial Office

Society/Institution: Moscow Region State University

LCC Subject Category: Political science

Country of publisher: Russian Federation

Language of fulltext: Russian

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Marina N. Levchenko (Moscow State Region University)

Anastasiya V. Izgarsheva (Moscow Region State University)


Double blind peer review

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Time From Submission to Publication: 10 weeks


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The article educes main characteristics of the new models of the creolized text in the Internet-system. Besides, the linguistic realization of these texts is analyzed. The authors describe some special aspects of the creolized texts functioning in social and global nets and consider basic similarities, common linguistic aspects and differences of the new models of the creolized internet-text. The maim results of the research of linguistic forms of the educed text-models are expounded in the article. Some ways of further poly-aspect analysis of the phenomenon of the creolized internet-text from different standpoints are symbolically designated. With the help of the discourse analysis the creolized internet-text is characterized as a type of social communication. Various formal and secondary aspects of the creolized internet-text content are also mentioned.