Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia (Jan 2018)

Verdeutschungswörterbücher mit dem Fachwortschatz in der deutschen Sprache

  • Katarzyna Sztandarska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 27


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The paper addresses the issue of loanwords and words (or expressions) offered as their replacement. For the purposes of language cultivation the so-called Germanizing dictionaries (Verdeutschungswörterbücher) were published, in which equivalents were offered to replace foreign-language lemmata. Such dictionaries comprised general-language dictionaries as well as those encompassing terminology of various specialist areas. The paper provides description of Germanizing dictionaries published in the 19th century in which specialist terms are listed. The presentation focuses on macro- and microstructure of the dictionaries by Adolf Reinecke (1886) and Hermann von Pfister (1887). The question of the extent to which the terminology listed there is still in use nowadays shall also be addressed.