IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies (2020-11-01)

ArchDaily and Representations of Domestic Architecture in the era of Digital Platforms

  • Bruno Cruz Petit,
  • Tomás Errazuriz Infante

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 2
pp. 21 – 35


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At present, ArchDaily.com is the most visited virtual architecture platform in the world. Aware of the importance acquired in the architectural practice, the site declares itself to be the main source from which architects feed on tools, information and inspiration to develop their projects. However, it is clear that its importance is not limited to its status as reference bank for professional practice. The accumulation of visual and textual representations contributes to the idea of “good architecture”, in turn transforming this platform into an institution validating and legitimizing the understanding of the discipline, its scope and limitations, its protagonists and predominant methods applied. The following pages propose an analysis of the platform’s content in its residential architecture section, an analysis that supports a critical reflection on its wider cultural effects.