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Ekonomska Misao i Praksa. 2018;(1):123-137


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Journal Title: Ekonomska Misao i Praksa

ISSN: 1330-1039 (Print); 1848-963X (Online)

Publisher: University of Dubrovnik

Society/Institution: University of Dubrovnik

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Economic theory. Demography: Economics as a science

Country of publisher: Croatia

Language of fulltext: English, Croatian

Full-text formats available: PDF



Aferdita Berisha Shaqiri

Emin Qerim Neziraj


Double blind peer review

Editorial Board

Instructions for authors

Time From Submission to Publication: 15 weeks


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Background: This paper deals with topics relevant to problem of understanding how OLAP tools and DM applications integrate as well as how some information support systems can impact business processes of companies in Kosovo. It is clear that theoretical background includes various topics, such as role and impact of excellent OLAP tools and DM applications in information systems with objective to increase performance and business processes. Aim: Goal of this study is to point out needs of Kosovo companies for excellent OLAP tools and DM applications as well as information supporting systems which include mentioned tools and applications during business processes as a way to increase business performance. Method: On this study we used quantitative methods with a deductive approach. This means testing enhances theory of OLAP and DM tools, ISS and business processes by using quantitative and executive data with an adequate econometric model. Results: Results show that in Kosovo there is a low use level of adequate OLAP and DM tools and applications during business processes with p = 0.52. The coefficient p, based on results presents accuracy of conclusion that Kosovo businesses are not using adequate tools in their information systems.