Polyoxometalates (Sep 2024)

From confined growth to enhanced peroxidase-like activity: Nucleation of a phosphate-mediated FeIII–CeIII–oxo cluster inside the {P8W48} nanoreactor

  • Hong-Xin Sheng,
  • Bo-Yang Lin,
  • Chao-Qin Chen,
  • Jing Du,
  • Peng Yang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 3
p. 9140060


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Novel structures of polyoxometalates can be obtained by confining the synthons within specific nanospaces. This capability is what the confined synthetic method excels at. Within the cavity of {P8W48}, a novel multicomponent cluster comprising cationic FeIII and CeIII heterometals and PO43− oxyanions was successfully nucleated for the first time. Alongside examining the structure and composition of this host–guest assembly, thorough investigations were conducted into the enhanced peroxidase-like activity induced by the Fenton-active metallic species. Preliminary studies on a colorimetric sensor based on [{FeIII8CeIII4O2(OH)12(H2O)8(PO4)2}(P8W48O184)]26− yielded promising results, demonstrating its ability to detect ascorbic acid with high sensitivity and specificity.