DE LA GRANJA SAINZ, José Luis (coord.), Indalecio Prieto. Socialismo, democracia y autonomía, Madrid, Biblioteca Nueva, 2013, 248 pp.

Pasado y Memoria. 2014;(13):399-403 DOI 10.14198/PASADO2014.13.17-11


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Journal Title: Pasado y Memoria

ISSN: 1579-3311 (Print); 2386-4745 (Online)

Publisher: Universidad de Alicante

Society/Institution: Universidad de Alicante, Área de Historia Contemporánea

LCC Subject Category: History (General) and history of Europe: History of Spain | History (General) and history of Europe: History (General): Modern history, 1453-: 1789-

Country of publisher: Spain

Language of fulltext: Catalan, Italian, French, Portuguese, English, Spanish

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Manuel Redero San Román


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