Security culture as a factor of environmental protection

Zbornik Radova: Pravni Fakultet u Novom Sadu. 2014;48(4):69-84 DOI 10.5937/zrpfns48-7470


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Journal Title: Zbornik Radova: Pravni Fakultet u Novom Sadu

ISSN: 0550-2179 (Print); 2406-1255 (Online)

Publisher: University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Law

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Country of publisher: Serbia

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Stajić Ljubomir (University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Law, Novi Sad, Serbia)


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This paper analyzes the impact of security culture on understanding and certainty of environmental protection. Showing the environment and in particular scheme and methods of endangering takes place in the context of security culture as a factor in conservation and needs of the people to ensure their safety, which occurs as a vital interest. In this way, security culture is shown through the role of person, society and the international community. Analyzing the concept of security culture and its relation with respect to the protection of personal and national security in environmental pointed to changes in the environment in the modern age. The environment is due to the lack of security culture neglects or leaves last for resolving, all because of the race for economic profit when neglecting the cultural, social, health and other profits. This paper describes the security culture as a factor in the development of national security in a way that national security is reflecting through the security culture. Security culture is viewed in the light of regional and global processes of environmental degradation as well as the possibility that the security culture theoretically and practically developed in relation to these processes.