Nature Communications (2021-05-01)

Ultraviolet light-induced collagen degradation inhibits melanoma invasion

  • Timothy Budden,
  • Caroline Gaudy-Marqueste,
  • Andrew Porter,
  • Emily Kay,
  • Shilpa Gurung,
  • Charles H. Earnshaw,
  • Katharina Roeck,
  • Sarah Craig,
  • Víctor Traves,
  • Jean Krutmann,
  • Patricia Muller,
  • Luisa Motta,
  • Sara Zanivan,
  • Angeliki Malliri,
  • Simon J. Furney,
  • Eduardo Nagore,
  • Amaya Virós

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 1
pp. 1 – 13


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Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) increases melanoma incidence. Here, the authors report that UVR-damaged dermal fibroblasts upregulate MMP1 to degrade collagen which inhibits melanoma invasion and that aged primary melanomas in skin with degraded collagen have a better prognosis, while new collagen synthesis restores invasion and leads to death.