What does the field of International Relations look like in South America?

Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional. 2016;59(1) DOI 10.1590/0034-7329201600104


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Journal Title: Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional

ISSN: 0034-7329 (Print); 1983-3121 (Online)

Publisher: Instituto Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais

LCC Subject Category: Political science: International relations

Country of publisher: Brazil

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Marcelo de Almeida Medeiros

Israel Barnabé

Rodrigo Albuquerque

Rafael Lima


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Abstract This article provides a comprehensive picture of IR in South America by applying content analysis to 7,857 articles published in 35 journals from six South American countries from 2006 to 2014 in order to discover what the predominant theories, methods and research areas in this field are, how scholars tend to combine them in their research designs, and what the profiles of regional journals are, regarding their epistemological, methodological and subject preferences. The findings reveal a predominantly Positivist and largely Qualitative discipline, resembling North American and European IR.