Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development (Jul 2017)

Interactive Journal Club: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

  • Judith Rosenthal,
  • Ken S Rosenthal

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4


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The interactive journal club incorporates basic principles of active and adult learning in a traditional education tool to maximize opportunity to develop critical thinking, communication skills, active reflection, and personal confidence in these skills. Following the choice of an appropriate article, the Designated Leader (DL) directs the discussion by presenting the title and data from the article with instructions for their analysis but without the author’s text. The participants, except the DL, are viewing the article for the first time and are prompted in their review of the raw data to provide their own interpretation, discovery, and critique. Participants are challenged to become more adept at study design, data analysis, and presentation and have indicated by informal verbal feedback that they look forward to the interactive journal club as it is enjoyable, relevant, and beneficial. Implementation of the interactive journal club does not require significant training in the approach or extensive revision or preparation of course materials.