Nuevo Itinerario (2019-11-01)

The other side of the philosophy of biology: a problematization of epistemology as a disciplinary limit

  • E. Joaquín Suárez Ruíz

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 15
pp. 58 – 74


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The objective of this article is to problematize the assumption that the philosophy of biology constitutes a discipline limited to the epistemological analysis. To this end, the characteristics of a type of parallel analysis, carried out by more and more philosophers of biology, will be deepened: that which takes biological knowledge as a starting point to analyze philosophical problems. Throughout this development, the gnoseological parallels of these two types of analysis will be contemplated, and they will be put in relation with the criticisms of the philosophical assumption of a human exceptionality, made by the french philosopher Jean-Marie Schaeffer.