Travmatologiâ i Ortopediâ Rossii (Mar 2011)


  • A. V. Stoyanov,
  • V. G. Emelyanov,
  • D. G. Pliev,
  • K. S. Mikhaylov

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 1
pp. 144 – 152


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Ankle joint replacement remains the most promising but at the same time one of the most challenging fields of orthopedics. In this article the authors analyzed the history of ankle joint replacement development with meticulous details of the prosthesis structure as well as complications occurring with different generations of the prosthesis. Major tendencies of development and improvements of the prosthesis are described while taking into account the complicated biomechanics of the ankle joint. Based on the completed analysis the conclusion was made that using new materials in combination with improved structure allows for major improvements in the ankle joint replacement.