BCES Conference Books (May 2017)

Job Motivation and Job Satisfaction among Academic Staff in Higher Education

  • Gordana Stankovska,
  • Slagana Angelkoska,
  • Fadbi Osmani,
  • Svetlana Pandiloska Grncarovska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15
pp. 159 – 166


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Education is the most important organization of a nation; it plays a significant role in the development of any country. Universities create and cultivate knowledge for the sake of building a modern world. The academic staff is the key resource within higher education institutions. A positive and healthy university structure results in increased academic staff’s job satisfaction and better job motivation. According to this, the main purpose of this research was to investigate the possible relationship between job motivation and job satisfaction among academic staff. The Job Satisfaction Survey (JSS) and Job Motivation Questionnaire (JMQ) were administered to a sample of 100 (50 males and 50 females) university employees. The results indicated that the academic staff was highly motivated with their job. At the same time the results showed that academicians were more satisfied with their salary, co-workers, promotion, operating procedures and supervision, but dissatisfied with fringe benefits, contingent rewards, nature of work and communication. This research offers practical suggestions to the educational institutions and human resource managers on how to pay, promote, retain and maintain equity in the universities.