Journal of Youth Development (May 2016)

A Mixed-Methods Exploration of Intentional Self Regulation and Youth Beliefs about the Chances of Achieving Future Aspirations

  • Marisa MacDonnell,
  • Jennifer Brown Urban,
  • Miriam R. Linver

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 3
pp. 102 – 114


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Using a mixed methods approach, the connection between Intentional Self Regulation (ISR) and feelings about the chances of achieving future aspirations among 94 Scottish youth (56% female) was examined. Regression analyses demonstrated ISR, as measured by the SOC 9-item scale, was predictive of youths’ feelings about their chances of achieving future aspirations. Qualitative data collected from 26 interviews suggested the use of ISR skills among adolescents, even when those skills were not evident quantitatively. Results indicated the need to employ mixed methodologies when conducting research on ISR with young adolescents, and suggest the need for further testing and development of measures for both ISR and beliefs about the chances of achieving future aspirations. Potential programmatic implications for youth development and character education programs are also discussed. This is a correction to the original article. For information about the changes made, please see the erratum