Biblioteka i Edukacja (2020-07-01)

Działalność promocyjna i edukacyjna biblioteki Aix-Marseille Université na przykładzie Tygodnia Mobilności (Staff Training Week) dla bibliotekarzy zorganizowanego w ramach programu Erasmus

  • Błach Marzena

Journal volume & issue
no. 17
pp. 63 – 89


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In their reports, participants in the Erasmus scheme often describe the benefits of taking part in such organised training weeks or individual training. This paper aims to discuss the advantages and opportunities presented to the organising institutions by hosting such events within the Erasmus programme. On the example of the inaugural staff mobility training week for librarians hosted by Aix-Marseille Université in June 2019, the promotional and educational aspects of its’ programme will be examined. Emphasis will be put on how libraries can use this opportunity to help create a positive image at an international level.