Viaggiatori (May 2019)

Per le lettere d’esilio dei fratelli Ruffini

  • Dirk Vanden Berghe

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 1
pp. 46 – 52


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The article takes into consideration the editoral fortune of the letters sent by the Genoese brothers Giovanni and Agostino Ruffini from France and Switzerland in the years 1833-1836, and demonstrates how this correspondence features typical topics and writing modes of the exile letter. But also early changes of mind regarding the political experiences of Mazzini’s two young friends can be retrieved. The “reticent letter” is another kind of frequent epistolary writing of the Ruffinis. Finally, the article mentions the central role played by the mother: through the letters, she embodies, in a metaphorical way, the unreachable native country.