Using Different Types of Projectiles to Make Avalanches to Avoid Human Being Disasters and Properties Destruction

Baghdad Science Journal. 2007;4(2) DOI 10.21123/bsj.4.2.248-254


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Some geological phenomena as landslides and the mobilization of the accumulated rocks or soil are discussed in this research by using projectiles that cause mobility and falling of these land masses which are present at the top of mountains and edges of roads and streets to avoid accidents and human disasters which will occur if they are left falling by effect of climate or vibrating factors that are produced by performing dams, bridges and reservoirs. According to the different divisions of land masses groups, primary and secondary, which depend on type of movement and material arrangement that form the mobile masses, this research had shown the effect of projectiles for every type of cannons on the mobility of every groups of these rocks masses by forming vibrations and earthquakes as a result of these different types of projectiles according to their power degrees.