PASOS Revista de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural (Apr 2010)

Sustainable Cultural Events Based on Marketing Segmentation: The Case of Faro Capital of Culture

  • Patricia Oom do Valle,
  • Júlio Mendes,
  • Manuela Guerreiro

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 3
pp. 91 – 104


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The city of Faro was designated by the Portuguese government as the 2005 National Capital of Culture. The Faro 2005 National Capital of Culture took place between May and December in several cities of the Algarve region, with most events occurring in Faro. The programme consisted of 185 different performances represented through music, cinema, theatre, ballet and plastic arts. The paper analysessegments of the population that participated in the Faro 2005 event and discusses the relation between the event’s success and the degree of satisfaction of the participants. The contribution of the paper lies in pointing to the importance of an adequate marketing approach of large-scale events, such as cultural events, in order to achieve greater audience appeal/impact, in order to ensure sustainability.