Cuadernos de Proyectos Arquitectónicos (Oct 2011)

Sobre las casas Kaufmann. Dos dibujos y fotografía

  • José Barbeito

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 2
pp. 18 – 26


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<p>This article explores the Kaufmann family houses, their architects and the American world of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. . The first, designed by Benno Janssen, is not widely known but it is fantastic because it is capable of creating a landscape where it does not exist. I love it. <br />There, in its living room, is where Wright received the commission to build Fallingwater house. And finally, I would like to dedicate a few comments to the house built by Neutra, in order to balance the article. Wright could be the guiding thread. I have always thought that Fallingwater house has some aspects that are a bit forced and therefore, paradoxically, unnatural. I also believe that with this building Wright distances himself from the interests of European Architecture, and is focused on more realistic problems, such as those of collective housing.</p>