Sosyolojik Bağlam Dergisi (Aug 2023)

Functional Perception of Artificial Intelligence and Robot Technology

  • Meltem TOKSOY ÇAĞAL,
  • Yahya Mustafa Keskin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 2
pp. 149 – 172


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Today, beyond being just technological objects, artificial intelligence and robots create a multidimensional relationship network within the social structure. This multidimensional network of relationships includes human actors such as mathematicians, engineers, bankers, doctors, soldiers, students, and teachers and non-human smart actors such as chatbots, virtual assistants, autonomous vehicles, translation programs, CCTV systems, drones, humanoid robots, and smart home robots. This study is aimed to determine the perception of function towards artificial intelligence and robots of individuals who use the said technology and follow the developments and whether this perception changes according to some variables. Some data on the perception of function towards artificial intelligence and robots are handled in line with Merton's functionality perspective. Qualitative and quantitative methods obtained the data, and it was observed that the perception of function towards the technology in question differs according to the people's expectations, needs, and positions. It is thought that the data obtained will be useful to the literature and the experts on the subject.