Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering (Jan 2024)

Electrical spiking activity of proteinoids-ZnO colloids

  • Panagiotis Mougkogiannis,
  • Noushin Raeisi Kheirabadi,
  • Alessandro Chiolerio,
  • Andrew Adamatzky

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 1
p. 014007


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We are studying the remarkable electrical properties of Proteinoids-ZnO microspheres with the aim of exploring their potential for a new form of computing. Our research has revealed that these microspheres exhibit behavior similar to neurons, generating electrical spikes that resemble action potentials. Through our investigations, we have studied the underlying mechanism behind this electrical activity and proposed that the spikes arise from oscillations between the degradation and reorganization of proteinoid molecules on the surface of ZnO. These findings offer valuable insights into the potential use of Proteinoids-ZnO colloids in unconventional computing and the development of novel neuromorphic liquid circuits.