Akofena (Jun 2024)

The Beckettian Absurdist theatre of Silence: “Waiting for Godot” the Encounter of Marxian and Freudian Philosophies

  • Hassiba BOUKHATEM

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 03, no. 012


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Abstract: With the inherent assumption that society needs to be revolutionized for updated change, the theatre as a “hyphenated genre” (Cohen-Cruz, 2005, p. 106) has a determined instrumental value that brings together the two distinct worlds of theatre and the social. Obviously, it is possible and essential to find philosophical antecedents starting from Descartes, Kant to Nietzsche, that demonstrate the cords of change to be theatricalized afterwards in this innovative aspect of Drama namely the transformative theatre which meets and endorses all of the theatre of the absurd, the theatre of the oppressed, and the Activist theatre. However, my paper would be confined to study only the Silent theatre of the absurd represented by Samuel Beckett’s play “Waiting for Godot”. Our essay adopts this kind of drama that is frequently voiced through both philosophical and historical analyses. Keywords: Transformative theatre, change, philosophical foundations, theatrical techniques, silence, revolutionizes.