Antarctic Record (Jul 1991)

Copepods collected along 13゜E longitude of the Antarctic Ocean in the 1973 summer

  • Satoshi Yamada,
  • Atsushi Tanimura,
  • Takashi Minoda

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 35, no. 2
pp. 155 – 160


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Zooplankton samplings were conducted at 8 stations in the Indian sector of the Antarctic Ocean along 13°E from 27 February to 3 March in 1973 by the 14th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition. Vertical hauls from 200m to the surface with a Norpac net (45cm in diameter, 0.33mm mesh openings) were carried out. Copepoda occupied more than 80% of the total individual numbers of zooplankton at all stations. The species composition and abundance of copepods were investigated. A total of 15 species except for Oncaeidae were recorded. Calanus propinquus, Calanoides acutus, Ctenocalanus vanus and Oithona similis were numerically important components. Especially C. propinquus, C. acutus and C. vanus occurred abundantly at three stations between 60°S and 63°S and O. similis was abundant near 56°S and 62°S. Other eleven species, Calanus simillimus, Rhincalanus gigas, Clausocalanus laticeps, Euchirella rostromagna, Euchaeta antarctica, Racovitzanus antarcticus, Scolecithricella glacialis, Metridia lucens, Metridia gerlachei, Heterorhabdus austrinus and Haloptilus oxycephalus were small in numbers.