The ESPecialist: Research in Language for Specific Purposes (2013-12-01)

Teaching and Learning of Aural and Oral Skills in Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes: The Preparation of Bilingual Hosts for the CONFINTEA VI

  • Edwiges Conceição de Souza Fernandes,
  • Silvia Helena Benchimol Barros

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 33, no. 1


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This paper focuses on a FLSP1 course where principles on the aural and oral development skills were addressed with the aim of preparing competent conference hosts to work for the CONFINTEA VI. The course takers were selected from two Public Brazilian Universities: The State University of Pará and The Federal University of Pará, by a process which involved previous needs assessment, course design, material selection and continuous collaborative teaching. Contextualized communicative strategies were used in order to facilitate interaction in the foreign languages with distinct groups of foreigners invited for the international event. The theoretical foundation of this paper lies principally on the works of Almeida Filho (1998), Dudley-Evans and St. John (1998), Hutchinson and Waters (1987), Munby (1978) and Nunan (1988). This teaching experience is reported through a qualitative perspective and its positive results were accredited to the effective learning environment created for the development of multicultural linguistic knowledge.