Bìznes Inform (Jan 2019)

Improving the Methodology of Estimation and Analysis of the Level of Economic Security of Enterprise

  • Pyvavar Iryna V.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 492
pp. 184 – 191


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The research is concerned with finding ways to improve the methodical approach to estimation of economic security of enterprises on the basis of a set of analytical methods and models that allow improving the performance of system of enterprise management, defining the directions of stabilization of economic security of enterprise, reducing risks of the threat of occurrence of financial crisis at the enterprise and ensuring its proper economic viability. The proposed approach consists of four steps that complement each other and provide a comprehensive estimation of the level of security of enterprise, determination of the class of enterprises in terms of economic security, as well as estimation of the level of financial security by assessing the likelihood of enterprise’s bankruptcy. The approach was implemented on a sample of twenty enterprises of the oil and gas industry complex of Ukraine, which allowed to identify enterprises with low level of security and to predict the likelihood of bankruptcy for their typical representative. The results of the assessment for the enterprises in the focus group showed a predominantly low level of economic security, which is primarily due to the unstable political situation and a low level of development of the industry branch.