Annals: Series on Military Sciences. 2013;5(1):121-128


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Journal Title: Annals: Series on Military Sciences

ISSN: 2066-7086 (Print); 2457-8312 (Online)

Publisher: Academy of Romanian Scientists Publishing House

Society/Institution: Academy of Romanian Scientists

LCC Subject Category: Military Science

Country of publisher: Romania

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Sergiu NISTOR (Colonel, PhD Candidate)

Benone ANDRONIC (Colonel (ret), PhD)


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The complexity of the security environment in recent years is shows continuously, the multitude, magnitude and interdependency of events occurring global. The end of the last milenium is marked by the emergence and development of new phenomena as terrorism, human trafficking, trafficking of strategic materials, migration, depletion of natural resources pollution, global warming is brought to the public attention and more. It should be noted these phenomena did not occur overnight, they have existed in the past but nowadays they have worsened. Evolution is not so surprising since the crises of kinds and especially economic ones leading to exacerbation of phenomena. This clearly demonstrates his global economic crisis, which is deepening from one month to another, leading to exacerbation of terrorist attacks in different pans of the globe carefully selected to achieve a media impact, increasing migration, depletion of natural resources and increasing pollution.