Contribution to the knowledge of terrestrial molluscs in southeastern Ukraine

Malacologica Bohemoslovaca. 2013;12:62-69


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Journal Title: Malacologica Bohemoslovaca

ISSN: 1336-6939 (Online)

Publisher: Slovak Academy of Sciences

Society/Institution: Institute of Zoology

LCC Subject Category: Science: Zoology

Country of publisher: Slovakia

Language of fulltext: Slovak, English, Czech

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Alexey V. Vasyliuk

Alexander A. Baidashnikov

Alexander V. Zhukov

Sergey S. Kramarenko

Igor A. Balashov

Andrey N. Shklyaruk


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Records of terrestrial molluscs collected in nine scattered sites in southeastern Ukraine are presented and discussed. The findings of non-native Helix lucorum and Lucilla singleyana are especially interesting. Coloration of H. lucorum in different parts of its range seems to be significantly different. A role of keel in species determination of collected Helicopsis sp. shells is discussed. Variability of Deroceras subagreste coloration is described. New data on a species composition of terrestrial molluscs in several protected areas is given.