Juridical Tribune (Dec 2018)

Integrity in the business environment

  • Marieta Safta

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 3
pp. 811 – 822


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Increasing integrity, reducing vulnerabilities and corruption risks in the business environment is a strategic goal. Its achievement implies specific measures such as the exchange of good practices in the implementation of integrity programs between the private and the public sector, the organization of regular public consultations between representatives of the public sector and the business sector on the national anticorruption agenda and the public policies with impact on the activity economic development of antibribery policies and programs developed at the level of companies, including by bringing them to the attention of potential contractors and suppliers and requiring compliance with equivalent standards, initiating dialogue with regulatory authorities in areas such as energy, mineral resources, to implement legal standards integrity. The present study is dedicated to the analysis of integrity issues in the business environment, to the specific measures adopted by the Romanian state in accordance with and in the application of international reference standards, as well as to the perspectives in this essential area of business law.