Sensors (2021-02-01)

Reconstruction of the Far-Field Pattern of Volumetric AUTs from a Reduced Set of Near-Field Samples Collected along a Planar Spiral with a Uniform Step

  • Francesco D’Agostino,
  • Flaminio Ferrara,
  • Claudio Gennarelli,
  • Rocco Guerriero,
  • Massimo Migliozzi,
  • Giovanni Riccio

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 21, no. 1644
p. 1644


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An efficient near-to-far-field transformation (NTFFT) technique, wherein the near-field (NF) measurements are acquired along a planar spiral with a uniform step to make the control of the involved positioners easier, is developed in this article. Such a technique is tailored for quasi-spherical, i.e., volumetric, antennas under test and makes use of a reduced number of NF data. An effective two-dimensional sampling interpolation algorithm, allowing the accurate reconstruction of the input NF data for the standard NTFFT with plane-rectangular scan, is obtained by setting the spiral step equal to the sample spacing required for interpolating along a radial line according to the spatial bandlimitation properties of electromagnetic fields, and by properly developing a non-redundant representation along such a spiral. Tests results are reported to demonstrate that the proposed NTFFT technique retains the same accuracy as the standard plane-rectangular one.