Imported Lassa Fever, Pennsylvania, USA, 2010

Emerging Infectious Diseases. 2010;16(10):1598-1600 DOI 10.3201/eid1610.100774


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Journal Title: Emerging Infectious Diseases

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Publisher: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Valerianna Amorosa
Adam MacNeil
Ryan McConnell
Ami Patel
Katherine E. Dillon
Keith Hamilton
Bobbie Rae Erickson
Shelley Campbell
Barbara Knust
Deborah L. Cannon
David M. Miller
Craig Manning
Pierre E. Rollin
Stuart T. Nichol


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We report a case of Lassa fever in a US traveler who visited rural Liberia, became ill while in country, sought medical care upon return to the United States, and subsequently had his illness laboratory confirmed. The patient recovered with supportive therapy. No secondary cases occurred.