Aktualʹnì Pitannâ Farmacevtičnoï ì Medičnoï Nauki ta Praktiki (Dec 2021)

Formation of the demand for contraceptives using the Van Westendorp method based on establishing consumer value

  • T. V. Mahanova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 3
pp. 343 – 353


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One of the main indicators of the consumer value of a product is the price. Its controversial idealistic and materialistic basis is aimed at securing the interests of two opposites: producer-seller and buyer. Correctly made pricing decisions, taking into account the requirements of both players in the pharmaceutical market, will effectively regulate the processes of the pharmaceutical business and the supply system. The aim: approbation of the Van Westendorp method on the example of contraceptives; establishing their consumer value for further rational decision-making regarding the improvement of the system for providing contraceptives to Ukrainian female consumers. Materials and methods. The research used the marketing Van Westendorp method based on surveying a quota sample of women of reproductive age from one of the Ukrainian regions. The main calculations were performed with MS Excel 2010 software. Results. The survey of 420 women enabled to set the maximum range of readiness to pay (the point of maximum cheapness and high cost) for the most advanced pharmaceutical types of contraception (hormonal, non-hormonal and medical products) in the age and income quotas. It was established that the price sensitivity depends on social and economic indicators. Conclusions. The established maximal ranges of willingness to pay are well below market prices for contraceptives. The exception is cheap and widespread contraception (aerosol and male condom), which confirms the need to use marketing research methods to meet the needs of the female consumer.