Athens Journal of Architecture (2020-07-01)

Architectural Drawings New Uses in the Architectural Design Process

  • Amos Bar-Eli

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 3
pp. 273 – 292


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Architectural drawings role as a source of inspiration as well as a means of interpreting the past has always been key within the architectural design process. Unique to the 21st century is the increase in the sheer amount of existing drawings attainable. This abundance is manifested by the aspects that drawings are: accessed, collected, and manipulated. Consequently, it becomes crucial to critically engage new possibilities of using images of architectural drawings in the design process. The paper explores this by posing design exercises which correlate to each of the issues mentioned above i.e. - accessing, collecting, manipulating. Each of the exercises is targeted specifically for new tools unique to each. Accessing - sketching with drawings, using existing drawings as sketch models. Collecting - creating personal association boards, which serve as triggers for the subsequent studio project. And finally, an exercise of altering and changing an existing photograph is conducted to challenge the issue of manipulating. The three exercises conducted in a design studio teaching environment over the past three years were analyzed by visual qualitative research methods and design process understandings. The exercises served as case-study to examine translations, understandings, and possible new uses of existing architectural drawings in the architectural design process.