Nature Communications (Apr 2020)

Selective inhibition of cancer cell self-renewal through a Quisinostat-histone H1.0 axis

  • Cristina Morales Torres,
  • Mary Y. Wu,
  • Sebastijan Hobor,
  • Elanor N. Wainwright,
  • Matthew J. Martin,
  • Harshil Patel,
  • William Grey,
  • Eva Grönroos,
  • Steven Howell,
  • Joana Carvalho,
  • Ambrosius P. Snijders,
  • Michael Bustin,
  • Dominique Bonnet,
  • Paul D. Smith,
  • Charles Swanton,
  • Michael Howell,
  • Paola Scaffidi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 1
pp. 1 – 15


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Targeting self-renewing cancer cells without deleterious side effects in normal tissues has proven challenging. Here, the authors show that the well-tolerated HDAC inhibitor Quisinostat safely inhibits tumor maintenance and disease relapse by restoring high levels of histone H1.0.