Развитие образования (Feb 2019)

Problems of adaptation of educational migrants to the multicultural educational environment

  • Ajzhan K. Kapanova,
  • Klara M. Abisheva,
  • Ryskeldy A. Ajkenova

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (3)
pp. 61 – 65


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The article is devoted to the study of the process of adaptation of students in the framework of multicultural educational environment. Objective: to consider the types of conflicts that arise in the intercultural interaction of foreign students and representatives of the indigenous ethnic group, as well as the diasporas of the country, to explore ways of acculturation to the host society. During the study, the method of questioning and discourse analysis were applied. As a result of the work, the intercultural situations of the realization of the ethnic prejudice of the communicants were studied, the difficulties were described, and the ways to overcome them were indicated. Conclusions are drawn on the need to study the process of acculturation of educational migrants both within the framework of an educational institution and to the receiving society.