Odessa Astronomical Publications (Nov 2010)


  • I. Kudzej,
  • P. Dubovsky

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 23, no. 0
pp. 70 – 73


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The actual technical status of 1 meter Vihorlat National Telescope (VNT) at Astronomical Observatory at Kolonica Saddle is presented. Cassegrain and Nasmyth focus, autoguiding system, computer controlled focusing and fine movements and other improvements achieved recently. For two channel photoelectric photometer the system of channels calibration based on artificial light source is described. For CCD camera FLI PL1001E actually installed in Cassegrain focus we presents transformation coefficients from our instrumental to international photometric BVRI system. The measurements were done during regular observations when good photometry of the constant field stars was available. Before FLI camera acquisition we used SBIG ST9 camera. Transformation coefficients for this instrument are presented as well. In the second part of the paper we presents results of variable stars observations with 1 meter telescope in recent four years. The first experimental electronic measurements were done in 2006. Both with CCD cameras and with two channel photoelectric photometer. Starting in 2007 the regular observing program is in operation. There are only few stars suitable for two channel photoelectric photometer observation. Generally the photometer is better when fast brightness changes (time scale of seconds) must be recorded. Thus the majority of observations is done with CCD detectors. We presents an brief overview of most important observing programs: long term monitoring of selected intermediate polars, eclipse observations of SW Sex stars. Occasional observing campaigns were performed on several interesting objects: OT J071126.0+440405, V603 Aql, V471 Tau eclipse timings, Z And in outburst.