Elkawnie: Journal of Islamic Science and Technology (Dec 2016)

Google Loon Sebagai Solusi Terkini Koneksivitas Internet Di Daerah Pedalaman Dan Terpencil

  • Zulfan Zulfan,
  • Muhammad Chaidir,
  • Lulu Huril In

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 2
pp. 169 – 176


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Result of this study shows that two of three of its users around the world, internet is not reachable technology especially in hinterland and remote area.Usage of satellite and optic fiber for internet system in those areas is not affordable. By using Google Loon technology,internet users in the areas can access internet.Google Loon is able to spread accessibility of internet up to 1250 km²(wide) or 40 km diameter), and speed of accessibility reaches 3G(10Mbps)