BIO Web of Conferences (Jan 2019)

Wine bottle design thinking modelling: An analysis of local wine brands within Urla vineyard road

  • Öztürk B.,
  • Ertamay S.İ.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 15
p. 03014


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Wineries always try different types of marketing strategies such as tasting rooms, promotion through the social media or websites. The main goal is to establish a way to win the consumers' loyalty and to keep them coming back or consuming their brand. In the last decades, the influences of the front and back label on consumers have largely been started to investigate. In this study, the wine bottles produced in the wineries located on Urla vineyard road were investigated in terms of their visual codes. The visual codes were identified in four classes: layouts and composition, typography, illustrations, and colours. Each label investigated based on the semiotics analyses. The findings suggested that the wine labels convey the feeling of tradition, seniority, elegance and history.