Antarctic Record (Sep 1985)

Salt origin in the Wright Valley, Antarctica

  • Chisato Tomiyama,
  • Yasushi Kitano

Journal volume & issue
no. 86
pp. 17 – 27


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Salt distribution and stable isotope composition of sulfur have been investigated in the upper Wright Valley area, Antarctica. From the discussion on the mass balance of chemical constituents in the Don Juan basin, it is clear that calcium chloride-rich groundwater is an important source for the pond water, and another sources of sulfate and calcium ions other than groundwater and stream water should be considered. The age of Don Juan Pond was calculated to be younger than 9000-37000 years. The isotope composition of sulfur does not indicate the origin of sulfate ions at the Labyrinth area and the Don Juan basin. For the Vanda basin, it is supposed that the sulfate origin is sulfate minerals which were formed from seawater on the slope of the valley during the valley was fjord.