Scientific Electronic Archives (2020-11-01)

Professional perspective of the labor Market by trained stdents and motivational factors ins the evasion of graduates from the agronomy course in Nova Xavantina

  • M. L. M. Souza,
  • A. C. Oliveira,
  • B. E. A. Silva,
  • N. G. Rossi,
  • V. L. Silva

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 12
pp. 73 – 80


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The University causes changes in the lifestyles of academics, during graduation and after graduation. Many do not work in the area that was graduated and some even do not finish college, today it is a reality observed in all higher education courses and some cases intensified due to the size of the hours and other peculiarities. In view of this premise, we sought to identify the influence of the dynamics of the Agronomic Engineering Course at the State University of Mato Grosso, New Xavantina campus on why students drop out of college, and feedback from those who have already graduated. Evaluate the professional perspective of the labor market by trained students. To observe the motivational factors in the avoidance of graduates in the course of agronomy. Analyze the trajectories of professional development throughout the university experience that lead to different expectations and ways of preparing for the job market. A questionnaire was applied through innovative teaching approaches using Web 2.0 tools, in particular Google Docs, "forms". The questionnaire link was provided by email, SMS, Facebook, Instagran and WhatsApp to the target audience. It is concluded that the evasion in the University of Mato Grosso State Nova Xavantina campus occurred for three reasons: the agronomy course was the second choice of the academic, and the lack of knowledge of the course and support of family members. Based on the perspectives of post-graduates, one can conclude that: (1) the greatest difficulty was to obtain employment, (2) about 81% are working in their training area, (3) the agronomy course was the first option of the trained students, that is, they began the course aware of the difficulties, and yet they persevered and concluded the course.