Journal of Medicinal Plants (Feb 2009)

The Effects of Aqueous Extracts of Purtulaca oleracea on Withdrawal Syndrome in Mice

  • H Miladi-Gorgi,
  • AA Vafaei,
  • AA Taherian,
  • T Vaezi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 29
pp. 51 – 57


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Background: Purtulaca pleracea (PO) overgrows in the different parts of Iran. In previous studies, the extract of P.O showed antinociceptive, anxiolytic and anti inflammation effects in Mice and rats. Objective: This study was designed to evaluate different doses of the aqueous extracts of PO on withdrawal syndrome on mice. Methods: In this study, 40 male albino mice (25-30 gr) were used. Morphine was used to produce drug dependency by Marshall Method (10 doses of drug in four days). Different doses of the extract. (25, 50, 75 mg/kg IP) were injected to the separated groups and saline (10 ml/kg - ip) were injected to the one control group 30 min before of noloxone 2 mg/kg. The number of Jumping and amount of weight losses were used for assessment of classic withdrawal syndrome sign. Results: The results indicated that the extract of PO significantly decreased the number of Jumping (p= 0.000) and also weight losses in 25 mg doses of extract (dose-dependent) in mice (p = 0.045). Conclusion: It is concluded that the aqueous extract of PO may be play an important role on the modulation of withdrawal syndrome in mice.