Herpetozoa (Nov 2022)

Amolops putaoensis Gan, Qin, Lwin, Li, Quan, Liu & Yu, 2020, a newly recorded torrent frog for China

  • Yin-Peng Zhang,
  • Xiao-Long Liu,
  • Bryan L. Stuart,
  • Dong-Yi Wu,
  • Yu-Fan Wang,
  • Jing Che,
  • Zhi-Yong Yuan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 35
pp. 231 – 237


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Amolops putaoensis is a recently described torrent frog species from A. monticola group that is known only from its type locality, northern Myanmar. We compared morphology and mitochondrial DNA sequence data from ten recently collected adult male specimens from the upper Dulong River System in Gongshan County, Yunnan Province, China, to the original description of A. putaoensis. Both datasets strongly supported referring the Chinese specimens to A. putaoensis, extending the known range of this species by approximately 133.7 km distance into China. Molecular phylogenetic analyses recovered A. putaoensis to be closely related to A. aniqiaoensis, A. kohimaensis, A. monticola, and A. adicola. We use the newly collected Chinese specimens to expand the morphological description of the species.